Titanium Forgings

Titalia is able to supply any type of titanium forging (from a weight of half a kilo up to 10 tons) and also to produce non-standard shapes meeting the dimensional and qualitative requirements of the Customer.

Our titanium forgings are not only employed in the aeroespacial sector; Titalia’s products find a large employment in several fields, such as: 

  • chemical sector;
  • petrochemical sector;
  • offshore;
  • mechanical industry;
  • paper industry;
  • agricultural industry;
  • construction industry;
  • architecture.

Titanium finds excellent applications in the chemical, petrochemical and shipbuilding industry thanks to its extreme resistance to atmospheric agents and its immunity to corrosion provoked by salt water and chemicals. 

Speaking of which, Titalia realizes titanium shafts for industrial mixing plants used in the fields above mentioned: formerly Titalia has realizes shafts, that also underwent heat treating, with a weight of about 10,000 kg and an approximate length of 9,900 mm.

Similarly, Titalia has also realized tube plates and others titanium forgings with a maximum diameter of about 2,000 mm employed, once again, in the chemical and petrochemical industry, but also in several others sectors and fields of application.

Titalia is able to offer to its Customers a quick and complete service since it owns one of the most equipped warehouse in Europe: lingots of different grades of titanium are always in stock.

This allows Titalia to realize titanium forgings according to the Customer’s requests, both for big and small sizes.

Currently, Titalia is particularly operative in forging:

  • rings;
  • plates;
  • special and on request flanges;
  • bars.

Titanium forgings realized by Titalia can be also tested by official testing agencies like, for example, Lloyds, TÜV, ABS; moreover, Titalia’s forgings comply with ISO:9001 quality standards and also Norsok M650, a certification that represents an additional guarantee on the quality of the materials.

According to Customers’ specific requests, titanium forgings can undergo mechanical tests of tension and resilience; moreover, Titalia is equipped to perform in-house (always on request), the “non destructive tests” like  ultrasound (level II) and  liquid penetration inspection (level II), in accordance with European international standards UNI EN ISO 9712 and also the American ASNT-TC-1A.

As a guarantee of a quality production, according to the importance of the commission, Titalia gives its Customers the possibility to follow closely the most important and delicate stages of the titanium forging processing: a qualified team of professionals is always at disposal to provide technical advice.