Titanium powder for 3D printing: Titalia keeps always ahead, together with AddMe.Lab

Titalia is one of the AddMe.Lab founding members; the Additive Manufacturing lab of metals was set up at Politecnico di Milano Mechanical Engineering Department, at the end of 2014 thanks to the contribution of Regione Lombardia and of some important companies in the area.

Additive manufacturing is commonly known through the acronym “AM” and it refers to the making of 3D objects by using a printing which lays down successive layers of material: for this reason it works with metals too. Moreover it offers the opportunity to build geometrical shapes inconceivable in the design sector until few years ago. 

In order to create these pieces AddMe.Lab utilizes the Renishaw AM250 printing which uses a technology based on a process named SLM that is Selective Laser Melting. Titalia and Politecnico di Milano worked closely on the birth of the development of an innovative project, namely of a particular titanium powder, suitable for 3D printing.

Thanks to the important partnership with the Milan University center, Titalia has improved greatly its know how on this topic and the company has been entitled to certify the quality of titanium powders used for the 3D printing, a technology which opens the doors to important future developments in the industry field and others.

AddMe.lab experience is no doubt important for all the project partners and for Titalia has proved to be an innovative lab which will have positive benefits in the development of cutting-edge technical solutions too, which will be offered to the customers; a further opportunity that came out as a result of an important effort in the research sector, fundamental for the Brugherio company, as always.

For more info about the project please visit the official site AddMe.Lab



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