Titanium bikes by NEVI: Discovering an Italian Excellence

Talking about titanium means telling the story of a very young metal, at least for its industrial processing. It’s a story that starts back in the 40s and goes on with the wide employment carried out by the aeronautical and aerospace industries during the Cold War, until this day and age.

Alone or with others alloys, titanium, processed today by several companies like Titalia, is employed in several fields. What if we tell you that you can find titanium also inside your computer? Yes, you can. But titanium is also employed in medicine, from dental implants to hip replacements, because of its biocompatibility. And also watches, pens, golf clubs, bicycles; even entire buildings, like the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum. Titanium objects are parts of our everyday life, even if we aren’t aware.

That is the reason that drove us to imagine an itinerary of story in different episodes that will help you know better some important realities in the field of titanium processing, not only in Italy but worldwide. In every episode we will write about a company that has chosen to work together with Titalia in order to realize cutting edge products.

Let’s start this itinerary with the story of a successful Italian company, popular all over the world for its top range bicycles: Nevi.

A specialized carpentry born in 1992 thanks to the farsighted vision of Sergio Finazzi, a former professional cyclist who, once he quitted cycling, chose to be a leader to give life to a reality always on the front line of innovation.

In this story titanium is the main character to such an extent of becoming - also thanks to the initiative of the brand Nevi - one of the most common and employed materials in the whole world for the realization of racing bikes and top level MTB.

In fact, titanium has superior qualities in comparison with other materials employed to realize bikes: it’s biocompatible and can be totally recycled and, moreover, it lasts longer because it has a corrosion and weather resistance without parallel.

Furthermore, once processed, it is very elastic without being soft. Thanks to those qualities, it has a better shock resistance than carbon and guarantees the perfect balance between resistance and weight in every frame.

The success of Nevi roots in this perfect mix among experience in cycling, a big attention for R&D and the choice of the best materials.

A choice that has found a privileged partner in Titalia: the relationship between the two companies is a solid bond of long duration and it goes well beyond the mere professional relation.

A relationship that nourish itself of constant, direct and honest confrontation. Just the way Sergio Finazzi likes: he has always preferred actions over words.

The understanding with Manuel Riboldi has been immediate and during this years of cooperation it has grown even more: we have the same way of interpreting work! When I call Titalia because I have a new project to realize, I know that they won’t just give me the details about the material I ordered, but they will also advise me on the best way to employ it. Often our innovations arose just in this way”.

Also thanks to a well-structured cooperation with Titalia, Nevi has became a benchmark in the specialized carpentry sector and it has put on the bicycle market some unique news like the titanium fork for MTB that guarantees top drivability also on fast and insidious routes and the elegant black titanium frame. Power to the team play!



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