Titalia contributes to the implementation of safety measures in the San Marco’s bell tower

San Marco’s bell tower in Venice, 99,78 meters high, is one of the better-known Italian symbol in the whole world: despite the rebuilding carried out at the beginning of the century after a structural collapse, the current architectural construction in the latest years had been showing more vulnerable points which made necessary an intervention of reinforcement.

The solution to implement safety measures in this world heritage monument has been entrusted to Titalia by Consorzio Venezia Nuova.  The choice of titanium seemed immediately suitable for this special requirement thanks to the high resistance to the corrosion in saline waters and the coefficient of expansion very close to the pre-existent structure. Those have been two essential features to preserve a good structural solidity which is very difficult to maintain in salty waters.

A system to reinforce the foundation has been studied: the solution turned out to be the installation of special titanium bars in dedicated underground rooms, built at the base of the structure. More than 10 tons of commercially pure grade 3 titanium bars and over 3 tons of plates have been installed in the foundation and joined together through proper screw nuts.

Titalia faced this difficult challenge thanks to the expertise gained during the years also in the field of intervention which aim is to preserve the architectural works of our Country.




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