Titalia, always on the front line for the research on titanium and its qualities

Titalia – within its corporate strategy – integrates the commercialization of titanium to the research and development in cooperation with institutions, research associations and the Polytechnic University of Milan.

The evolution of materials and of production techniques require a constant and careful update: our company has been committed in the improvement of processing methods and procedures for years.

Marco Riboldi - Titalia's founder and chairman - together with remarkable industrial and academical experts, has taken part as a lecturer in the event “Applicazioni, proprietà e lavorazioni del titanio” (Milan, November 25th 2015), promoted by the Italian Association of Steel industry and by the Association of Milan Engineers. 

His speech has emphasized the extraordinary mechanical, physical and corrosion resistant qualities of titanium but also the different techniques and procedures for a proper forging.



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